You'll Hate Yourself For Laughing At These 21 Puns — I Promise


"Geology rocks but geography is where it's at."


  1. Posted by alb05012008, — Reply

    Are we not going to acknowledge the great art

  2. Posted by chuusorbit, — Reply

    Why does it have to be green Edit: BECAUSE WITCHES IN CARTOONS ARE USUALLY GREEN. I'm so dumb how did I not figure that out before

  3. Posted by samuraisista, — Reply

    Funny how I had a test back in 6th grade about a Pig who always ate and some Sand Witch actually screamed " DOES SOMEONE WANT A SAND WITCH!?" That fat pig heard it ran to it and was disappointed as hell when he didn't get any food, and had to take care of the Sand Witch until he had to go back home that afternoon.

  4. Posted by greasyemorat, — Reply

    If someone asked me to draw them a green pig in a witches hat in a desert, and i did, and they replied with “ham sand witch” i would marry them on the spot

  5. Posted by es026938, — Reply

    I'm sure the friend that spend all their time doing that was irritated that it was for a cheesy joke. Artist friend: "I'm never doing art requests for you again." -_- Joke friend: "Would you accept this Apolo-cheese?" Artist friend: *blocks number*

  6. Posted by DumbleDork81, — Reply

    To everyone who’s asking, “Why green?” It’s because fairytale witches are stereotypically green.

  7. Posted by froggywiser, — Reply

    wait anyone else think the pig looks like hawks mom from seven deadly sins but smaller???? just me...? okay.

  8. Posted by Lea414, — Reply

    Every artist knows that this conversation should go like: Person: Can you draw me.. Artist: NO!

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  10. Posted by f_seeker, — Reply

    This is where the green eggs and ham come from.

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