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  1. Posted by emcginnis1181, — Reply

    Animals in the wild don't drink milk as adults. Just water, which you can see through. It probably thinks it's a solid thing because it can't see through it.

  2. Posted by sabreemyers95, — Reply

    I learned that animals with whiskers have nerves in that part of their body so the don’t like it when their whiskers get wet, that might be why this civet is trying to drink like that.

  3. Posted by oliviakosel, — Reply

    Today I will learn... what a civet is Edit: well golly gee thanks for all the likes

  4. Posted by thesevendemigodz, — Reply

    I have only known about this creature for a few minutes but if anything happened to it I'd kill everyone in this room and then myself

  5. Posted by joaneswain, — Reply

    I feel kinda silly. I’ve never seen or even heard of a Civet! However, I find them beautiful and interesting. From where do they originate? Thanks to anyone willing to educate me! 🙏🏻

  6. Posted by catquintett, — Reply

    dont feed adult animals milk. adult animals are lactose intolerant. it gives them stomach aches, diarrhoe, flatulence, dehydration and they can die in worst case. just dont do this.

  7. Posted by juliaappel7319, — Reply

    Maybe because it smells and tasted like food but is liquid. So they think they have to eat it like food bec adult animals usually don't drink milk 🧐

  8. Posted by xlioner, — Reply

    You know, in Russian it's correct to say "есть молоко" (eventhough many people don't know it) that basicaly translates like "eat milk" not drink. So this civet is not wrong in some way.

  9. Posted by ctrteresa, — Reply

    Apparently “civet” is an ancient African word meaning “stupid cat.” Some African guide long ago leading his white patrons came upon this scene, pointed and said “Civet, Bwana!” And to this day, the White Ass has called the Stupid Cat by the wrong name. The end.

  10. Posted by Seven_zero_nine, — Reply

    Haha i remember that on 7 Oct 2017 when i walk to my house I saw more than 100 eyes then i flashed with my phone and many raccoons were there

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